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Decent Laptop! HP ENVY 15-j020us 8 GB DDR3 15.6-Inch Laptop Review

  1. 2013/10/01(火) 07:23:11_
  2. Laptops
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HP ENVY TouchSmart15 15-j020us 15.6-Inch Laptop Reviews I bought the non-touchsmart version at costco for just over 600. 200 bucks seems like A LOT to pay for touchscreen, if you are getting the touchsmart i would usggest otherwise cuz you can get way better non touchsmarts for less or equal price. o amazon they really harldy put on any specs so i'm gonna give you more details on the specs 2.10 GHz 4 USB ports 1 HDMI port (output) 1 SD card slot 1 headphone jack 1 ethernet jack AMD A8 ELITE QUAD-CORE processor 64 bit operating system. it only has about an hour and a half of battery life and only 7.21 of the 8 GB's of RAM are actually useable, hope this helps i tried not to add anything in the specs that the hadn't already


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Very happy! Laptop Dell Inspiron i15RV-6143BLK Review

  1. 2013/09/30(月) 06:22:57_
  2. Laptop pcs
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Dell Inspiron i15RV-6143BLK Review This was purchased for my son in college and he absolutely loves the touch screen and windows 8! I am extremely happy that amazon also approved a store card for me, which abled me to purchase this for him right before we brought him to college. I really love this computer. I love having the touch screen and the windows 8. The computer itself has a relly cool design and i like the textured surface of it, it gives it a really cool look.

Fantastic laptop Asus Q200E-BSI3T08 11.6" Core i3 500GB HDD Notebook

  1. 2013/09/22(日) 09:04:39_
  2. Laptops
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Asus Q200E-BSI3T08 11.6" Core i3 500GB HDD Notebook Reviews I bought this laptop after doing a lot of research both online and in a store. I wanted a laptop that was light, had windows 8 and a touchscreen. Asus Q200E-BSI3T08 Most of the computers that fit all of my needs were way out of my price range and when I saw this computer I was hesitant but decided to make the purchase. I have not regretted it for a minute. The computer is lightweight, the screen is vibrant and very responsive the track pad is also very responsive. Asus Q200E-BSI3T08 I Love windows 8 and the ability to totally customize the start screen. I did learn that Google Chrome does not work if you use it to pin tiles to your start screen. You need to use internet explorer. Google Chrome can be used to browse. If you are looking for a lightweight computer that doesn't cost an arm and a leg I highly recommend this one.

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New!! ASUS R503U-RH21 Laptop Review Spec

  1. 2013/09/22(日) 08:53:24_
  2. Laptops
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ASUS R503U-RH21 Laptop Review Spec The reviews were good, so I bought it. My first impression was how cheap the material look and feel, not like my Dell and the HP. Other problem was that is a finger print magnet, always looks dirty. But what make me change it was the poor almost inaudible sound of the speakers, I need to use headphones to hear. Didn't like neither that the hard disk is in two partitions. It runs well the programs and the screen looks good, is windows 8 fault the software problems, but I expected more for an almost $400.00 computer and that brand. Finally, I found a Dell for $40.00 more, change it and now I'm happy. Not recommended unless it cost you under $300.00.

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Samsung ATIV Book 4 NP470R5E-K02UB 15.6" Laptop Reviews

  1. 2013/09/21(土) 10:10:16_
  2. Laptops
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Samsung ATIV Book 4 NP470R5E-K02UB 15.6" Laptop - 8GB Memory - 750GB Hard Drive - Mineral Ash Black Review it IS slower, quite a bit slower. I hope as it caches more data it may speed up a bit? But with this slower processor and same slow hard drive as the last, it makes for a lazy experience. Factor in the seven hundred dollar list price (usually just six hundred best best buy) and you can simply find WAY better specked hardware elsewhere. But I am where I am so I have no way out. The other problem was right off the bat, the same nightmare WiFi issues from the old computer haunt this one as well, even with an entirely different Card! Luckily I knew this beforehand and thanks to a reviewer named dissed who reviews the big brother to this computer, the Samsung ATIV Book 6 15.6-Inch Full HD Touchscreen Laptop (Mineral Ash Black), I knew the fix.

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